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Lawn Care . . .

Let us make your life easier and your lawn more beautiful.

We'd like to make your life easier and your lawn more beautiful by applying a complete maintenance program tailored to your specific lawn needs. Our service offers strong knowledge of area conditions. We pride ourselves on providing quality service and know you won't be disappointed with our results.

First . . .

We'll inspect your lawn and provide a complete written analysis.

Next . . .

With your permission, we'll return to your home and make timely product applications-each designed to meet the needs of your lawn at that time of year. In other words, we'll give your lawn what it needs-when it needs it. You no longer have to be concerned with which lawn care products to buy and then finding the time to apply them.

Best of All . . .

We'll give you a great-looking lawn and keep it looking great-at a price competitive with what you've been paying to do it yourself.

Lawn Care Information . . .

Answers to some common questions

1. Do I have to be home?

    No! Most of our lawns are serviced during normal working hours. Unless otherwise instructed, our applicator will complete his work and leave information pertaining to that day's application at your door.

2. What about lawn disease?

    Our trained applicator will notify you if your lawn shows signs of disease He'll also advise you of the best treatment. Our regular program does not include treatment for lawn disease.

3. Can I mow my lawn after an application?

    We recommend waiting 24 hours to mow and advise not collecting clippings for two mowings.

Let's get Started . . .

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